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The below mentioned items, One(1) through Seven(7), shall become effective as of January 1. 1997, unless otherwise ammended by written aggreement with:

P.O. Box 1254
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

A. Terms: "Owner" means the person or his assigns who has purchased Copyright protected Image(s) of an object, person or animal that the purchaser has a vested interest in promoting or advertising. "Photographer" is the person, company, corporation or studio who owns the Copyright. "Image(s)" means all photographic material furnished by Photographer, whether transparencies, negatives, prints or otherwise.

B. Owner aggrees by acceptance of Image(s) covered by this aggreement that ShowRing Photographic Agency, it's agents and assigns has total and exceptional rights to maintain, store, display, alter, dispute and sell all copies of purchased Copyright protected Image(s). Owner has the right to display and distribute but not re-sell the copies in this possession.

1. Photographer will supply all Image(s) to the named publication requested by Owner without consideration of Copyright notice, payments or re-payments thereof. Publication may print Image(s) one time but may not re-print any Image(s) without written notification from Photographer unless a release of Copyright is so stipulated on the back of the Image(s). Photographer will forward written notification of said Copyright Release immideately upon receiving payment from Owner or verification of payment by Publication. Re-use fees are $15.00 per re-use except as otherwise provided below.

2. Photographer agrees to negotiate "downward" fees for re-use if two or more photographs are used on one page. Those re-use fees shall be $15.00 for a set of two and $5.00 each additional re-use thereafter if any one advertisement.

3. Photographer agrees to negotiate "downward" fees for re-use as editorial. Those re-use fees shall be zero (0) unless the re-use is subject to monetary changes to the Owner by the Publication, then re-use fees are as stated above.

4. Publication is responsible for returning used Image(s) to Photographer within 14 days after the first use, and within 30 days whether used or unused. Used or unused Image(s) can not be passed on to other publications without Photographers' permission.

5. Photographers' Copyright notice "© 199_ Jack Greene" must accompany each use. If notice is not visible on the Image(s) it must be used as an adjucent credit line.

6. Should Photographer sell, barter or otherwise negotiate purchased Copyright protected Image(s) to revenue generating concerns other than those specified by Owner, Photographer will renumerate Owner 4% of retail selling price.

7. Photographer will notify Owner by mail of any negotiation concerning purchase of Copyright protected Image(s).

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