2006 Archive

If you have recently had pictures taken by Jack at a Horse show, you can find the full proof sheets by following the links below. Each individual picture on all sheets is numbered. Once you find the photo(s) you want, please go to our ordering page for full info on how to get the picture(s) you have selected.

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TWHBEA Equitation Challenge Championship (TWHBEA IV)
ASHA Fall Extravaganza
Midnight Sun Charity Horse Show
Walking for the Children 2006
Racking Horse World Celebration 2006
Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration 2006


TWHBEA Equitaion Challenge 8-10 (TWHBEA III)
Internationals Day 7

Internationals Day 6

Internationals Day 5
Internationals Day 4
Internationals Day 3
Internationals Day 2
Internationals Day 1
Ocoee Classic
TWHBEA Equitation Challenge 7-27 (TWHBEA II)
Dickson County Show
Magnolia Classic
TWHBEA Equitation Challenge 7-13 (TWHBEA I)
Great Strides Charity Walking Horse Show
Tony Rice Center Horse Show
Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show (Riders Cup)
31st Annual Chestnut Hill Charity Horse Show
Shelbyville Racking Classic
East Tennessee Walking and Racking
Columbia Spring Jubilee
Money Tree Classic
36th Annual Spring Fun Show
Petersburg Lions Club Walking Horse Show
Shelbyville Central High School Band Show
Gallatin Lion's Club (Riders Cup)
Humbolt Strawberry Festival
SSHBEA 21st Annual Spring Show
Racking Horse Breeders Spring Celebration
A Walk in the Big House
Horse Walking for Charity
Kiwanis Club/WHOA Charity Walking Horse Show
Chunn's Cove
Racking Trainer's Show 2006
WHOA Banquet 2006
SSHBEA Banquet 2006