If you have recently had pictures taken by Jack at a Horse show, you can find the full proof sheets by following the links below. Each individual picture on all sheets is numbered. Once you find the photo(s) you want, please go to our ordering page for full info on how to get the picture(s) you have selected.

You can call Jack at (615) 962-1602.

This is a great way of ensuring you have access to any photographs you may show up in. They're a lovely gift for friends and family.  If you've always wanted to get your photograph done at a horse show but you could never track down the photographer themselves after the day, this is one way to do so.

Of course, you can see all the photographs, so it's easy enough to order whichever ones you'd like to see the most. Whether you're a horse-riding industry figure or you're someone who enjoys having Black Beauty on in the background as they play poker.de, this is your chance to take away a unique memento. Just get in touch, let us know which particular photographs you're after, and we'll get them to you.

To view the proofs click the buttons below.

How Do I Find The Photo Number? Click Here!


Pulaski, TN 7-27-19
Pulaski, TN 7-28-18
Fayetteville, TN 8-3-17
Pulaski, TN 7-22-17
Dunlap, TN 6-24-17
Petersburg, TN 5-20-17
Lufkin, TX Day 2 3-4-17
Lufkin, TX Day 1 3-3-17
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