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Q. If I pay for a picture to be sent to a publication do I get a copy of that picture?
A.  Not necessarily.  You must tell us when the order is made if you want us to send a digital image to the publication, and a hard copy to you.  If you have just a digital sent then there is no hard copy.  You can have a digital sent to the publication and a hard copy sent to you, the digital is $55 and the hard copy is $15 plus tax and shipping/insurance.

Q.  If I have a digital sent to a publication can I have the same image sent to another publication for free?
A.  No, any image going to any publication is $55.00 for each publication.

Q.  Can I take the picture I bought at the show to the publications without having to pay any more?
A.  Yes, once you have the picture you can carry it to each publication you desire without paying any more money.

Q.  Can I just copy a picture from your web site and use that to advertise?
A.  No, that is a violation of federally mandated copyright laws.

Q.  What is the difference between a digital copy and a hard copy?
A.  A digital copy is merely a picture created on my computer and sent electronically to another computer much like an email to email but we use FTP so we can send it full size.  A hard copy is a picture printed on photo paper on my printer.

Q.  Why don’t you sell smaller size pictures?
A.  We do sell smaller sizes, however, since we are set up primarily to service the publications we work in 8x10 inch pictures.  Our smaller sizes have to be put on 8x10 papers so we would have to charge for a full size print.  To make it fair we print 4-4x5’s and 8-wallets to a sheet. Those sheets are $55 per sheet.

Q.  (The most asked question) Can you slim me down in my picture?
A.  Yes, but there is a retouch fee involved.  The average slim down cost $45.

Q.  What is the largest picture I can buy?
A.  We can provide prints 11x14, 16x20, 20x24, 30x40 or 48x60.  We can also have vinyl banners produced in nearly any size.

Q  What do you look at when shooting an action portrait?
A.  I keep both eyes open and try to see the whole horse but pay a lot of attention to the three legs that are on the ground.  I shoot most all horses differently because some swing, some pace and some go with a square pace.  I don’t consciously know when I shoot, I let my eyes and finger do all the work. 

Q: What am I allowed to use my picture for once purchased?
A:  This requires a two part answer:
For 8x10 and above sized images:

You may use this image in any publication that has a subscription, or in any horse show program or any horse club money making project such as calenders. You may use this image on your personal website as long as you keep it below 4"x5" you may use it on your stationary or business cards.  Any other reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Do not alter or change the image in any way, do not use this image on banners or signs. Do not attempt to have this image copied or reproduced as a color copy.

Any reproduction, use, or alteration of this image in any way other than that specified herein is considered a violation of U.S. Copyright Law.

For any image smaller than an 8x10:

No reproduction, alteration, or use is authorized with the following exceptions: you may use the image on your personal website as long as you keep it below 4"x5", you may also use the image on your stationary or business cards.  Any other reproduction, alteration or use will be considered a copyright violation.


Jack Greene

A World Class Photographer for all occasions.

Specializing in animal portraits both large and small but experienced in all types of photography.